Be a Role Model for Your Child!

I have been asked many times if working with children was difficult. The only answer that comes to my mind is that even though sometimes working with children can be challenging, the most difficult thing is working with parents.

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Why is that? It’s because parents already have their own idea about discipline. I have noticed that although many parents ask for guidance in some cases, they rarely take them into consideration.

Being able to ask for advice, to seek information, to be involved and to try to be a better version of yourself is the best thing a parent can do in order to provide the best education.

“Don’t do that!”; “Stop it!”; “It’s rude!”; “You’re naughty!”  Sounds familiar? Many parents don’t know that these things aren’t helpful at all and might even have a negative impact.

What is the best thing a parent can do? You’ll have to get into the child’s personal space, which means you’ll have to kneel down so that you can look into each other’s eyes and have a conversation about what happened. If your child is having a tantrum, you’ll have to wait until he calms down, but it is important to confront your child whenever he is misbehaving.

Is he refusing to sit down nicely while eating his lunch? Are you eating at the table or are you running around with the spoon trying to put it into his mouth? Does he eat a lot of sweets? Are you having a healthy diet? Is he extending his vocabulary usage by calling other children names or by using swear words? How are you using your vocabulary? Have you ever called him names?

When dealing with a difficult child it is important to acknowledge why he is behaving in a certain way. Offer him attention so that he doesn’t feel the need to be “naughty” in order to receive attention from you. Play with him so that you can build a strong relationship! This is also a great way to make him feel that you’re interested in his activities. Talk to him so that you can help him develop his communication and social skills! Answer to his questions so that he can feel important to you! Don’t do the thing you don’t want him to do!  Remember that happy parents = happy children! Children feed on our energy so it’s important to have your own activities and interests that make you happy.

I understand that being a parent is exhausting sometimes, especially if you’re dealing with challenging behavior, but it’s your duty as a parent to guide your child and the best thing you can do is to prevent some situations by offering a model they can follow. Be a role model for your child and everything else will fall into place!

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