Class Environment

Having a big class is every teacher’s dream, but what’s more important is knowing how to use the space wisely. The furniture that each class has can help you develop beautiful spaces for the children and also great ways of storing and displaying toys.

The toys should be at the children’s level, but they should also have clear labels and pictures so that the children know where to put them back when it’s tidy up time.

Labeling and photographing, laminating and sticking is time-consuming, but it’s worth it. The class will look organized and will provide a learning opportunity for the children (who will try to “read” the label themselves). It will also be a fun way to tidy up for everyone, which is a big bonus.

This is also a nice way of keeping track of resources, noticing when some are missing or broken. Displaying the resources like this can also make the children more responsible in the way they are handling them.

You can even take this approach outside, but don’t forget to double laminate! Children can be tempted to peel the labels off, but once you’ve explained them what their role is, this shouldn’t happen.

In order to customize your labels you’ll need to take pictures of the resources, add the label and then laminate them. Stick them somewhere in the area you’ll want your resources to stay.

For bigger boxes you can also add the label and picture on the box.

You can choose to use large or small photos, depending on your children’s age. With preschool children, it’s best to use bigger pictures and writing. As the children get older, you may want to make the picture smaller than the writing, so they can first notice the writing.

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